CrewwReal Madrid Next Accelerator FOR ASIA
CrewwReal Madrid Next Accelerator FOR ASIA
2024.FEB. START!

Application close April 15th


Create innovation
Real Madrid.

Create innovation
with Real Madrid.

"Real Madrid Next" is an innovation project created by Real Madrid which is the world's premier football club. Our aim is to promote the improvement and advancement of the entire sports industry through innovation & technological advancement. As Asia’s Leading Startup Ecosystem, our ideology at "Creww" together with "Real Madrid Next" is to host an accelerator program for innovative startups from Asia to apply widely and ultimately be selected by Real Madrid to work together to transform the sports industry for the next era. We are now accepting pre-applications from startups with the confidence to bring about a revolution in sports for the age of bravery! Please apply in advance and wait for the invitation for full applications.

We hunt for startups
that are ready to take off
from Asia and spread
around the world
with the best football club in history!

We hunt for startups that are ready to take offfrom Asia and spread around the worldwith the best football club in history!

Pre-applicants for the accelerator program must be startups located in Asia. The program will be conducted primarily in English. Applications from outside of Asia are not eligible.

in strategic key areas:

To innovate the sports industry as a whole,
we focus on the following areas of work.

  • Performance

    Innovative technology that helps athletes improve their performance

  • Audiovisual content

    Innovations that contribute to entertainment, education, and better experiences through video and audio

  • E-health

    Innovations in sports safety and comfort with an emphasis on health and physical conditioning

  • Cybersecurity & Technology

    Security and technology to support sound sports industry, events, and other operation and maintenance activities

  • Fan Engagement

    Innovations that increase fan interaction, loyalty, accessibility, etc.

  • Social

    Services and technologies that can contribute to increasing social connectedness and understanding and expanding the industrial base


If you apply and are selected for the Accelerator Program, you will receive the following benefits

  • Mentoring by exceptional professionals

    Receive guidance and advice from Real Madrid professionals and experts in various industries.

  • World-class resources and networking

    You will have access to a wealth of facilities and resources that only the best club teams have and that you have never seen before, as well as access to a business network that spans the globe.

  • Workshops to develop skills for global expansion

    Only members of the selected cohort will be able to participate in workshops where they will gain essential skills to compete in the global marketplace.

  • Opportunity to receive the highest honors and investments

    In addition to gaining recognition by being selected as a prestigious cohort in this accelerator program, the opportunity to receive investment is also available this time.

  • Exclusive rights to participate in tours to Madrid

    You will have an opportunity to compete for a chance to travel to Madrid, Spain to experience the local excitement and discover the true challenges.

Scheduled Events

  • 2024.FEB-APR

    Period for receipt of this application

  • 2024.APR-JUN

    Review period for selected cohorts

  • 2024.JUN-DEC

    A period to brush up on the content of the collaboration through workshops, mentoring, tours to Madrid, etc.

  • 2024.DEC

    Demo Day to present the results of the program


Fund Partners

Operation Partners


Municipalities and Public Institutions

Venture Capitals and Investors

Financial Institutions and Supporting Organizations

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